Friday, April 24, 2009

08 Brush Repairs

April 24 2009
1908 Brush model BC
Upon doing a full service on this little car, which included tightening all the bolts that tend to come loose from the shaking and rattling, I found that the gas tank was wet underneath. After removing the oiler and oil tank for access to getting the gas tank out, I discovered that the oil tank also had a wet spot under it. After steaming out the gas tank and soldering the holes up, which tend to grow when you really clean the tank out, it was ready to reinstall. The oil tank had to be cleaned inside and it too seemed to grow holes as it was cleaned. After repairing the oil tank I decided that the oiler should be cleaned and rebuilt as well, so after making a new seat for the needle and making gaskets it was assembled and checked for leaks. The car is now back on line and running like it should.

The hard part of making these repairs on a preservation class car is to keep it looking unrestored and maintain its “unmolested look.” So as you can see it still looks like a 100 year-old car.


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