Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bakersfield Swap Meet

Willy Vinton and I spent last weekend at the Bakersfield Swap Meet in California. I was looking for old literature, books and vintage clothing, while Willy was after parts for some of our cars. Alas, he couldn't find the door handles he needed, even after spending 40 minutes digging through the pile at right.

It was great to finally meet some of people with whom we’ve corresponded over the past year, or who have sold us cars or done restoration work for us. We had fun promoting the museum and met quite a few folks who hope to drive their old cars to Alaska in the near future. If you are thinking of touring Alaska with an antique car, you’ll definitely want to motor up to Fairbanks for a visit to our museum. And let us know if you have questions about touring in Alaska--Willy has a lot of helpful hints to share! Nancy DeWitt

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