Thursday, May 7, 2009

Construction Update

I stopped by the museum at 7:45 AM today and there was a flurry of activity already in progress. More than half of the flooring has been installed in the main exhibit hall, the new doors are up, kitchen cabinets are in place, and workers were unpacking bulbs to install in the track lighting. We also have a crew building a replica front of the old Sourdough Roadhouse, using logs salvaged from an old cabin at Harding Lake. We plan to park our 1911 Everitt car in front of the roadhouse and let visitors climb into it and have their picture taken. We have some old-time clothing folks can wear but we are still looking for a few pre-1930 suitcases or small trunks to complete the scene.

The security system gets installed in the next few days and we’ll start moving cars in after that. While there is still a lot to finish before the museum’s June 1 opening, we’ve accomplished quite a bit in the last few weeks. It’s pretty exciting to see it all coming together!

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