Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Five Days to Opening!

Progress continues on the museum with a flurry of activity on the outside of the building. Curbs are being poured, the parking lot is getting prepped for paving, trees are being trimmed and nearby woods cleaned.

On the inside is the same flurry of activity (only lots less dust) with the hanging of all the very LARGE pictures and last minute details to be ready to open the doors to the public on June 1st.
The last of the air handling duct work was finished this morning and I can stop putting so many miles on the cars, having to move them back and forth so the work crews have unimpeded access. In the next couple days we'll be doing the final setting of cars for the opening. We'll have about 50 cars on the floor to start, with a few 'drivers' set aside for cruising around the hotel grounds.

Be sure to watch Channel 11 (Fairbanks) on Thursday night for a story about the museum.


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