Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Cars Have Arrived!

This morning five more cars arrived in town for the museum--four rare beauties and a whimsical 1917 Model T Snow Flyer. First off the truck was our 1906 Compound, which has a veeeeery interesting engine and is the only Compound left in the world. This car received one of Harrah's Gold Star restorations when they had it and it looks fabulous. The Compound was followed by two of our prettiest early cars and the only ones of their kind left in existence: a 1906 Franklin Type D Landaulette (above right) and a 1903 Toledo gasoline-powered touring car. The last car out was a striking 1932 Chrysler Custom Imperial Series CL Convertible Sedan (lower right). The CL model was built in limited numbers from 1932-1933 and is regarded by many as the greatest of all Chryslers. We certainly are awed by its elegance, fine lines and smooth purring engine!

All of these are wonderful additions to our collection and we can't wait to share them with the public. Many thanks to members of the Vernon L. Nash Antique Car Club for helping us off-load these babies today!

Nancy DeWitt


  1. I love all the cars, I need to drive them all to choose a favorite:')

  2. its really starting to come togather, looking great.

  3. I love driving cars in Alaska but when I can get into one of these old things a real thrill - thanks for your dedication!


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