Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thanks for the support!

On Saturday, Fountainhead Development hosted a large private reception to thank and recognize everyone who has made this museum possible. Volunteers and dedicated employees worked up to the last minute polishing cars, hanging banners, and sweeping the floors.
Although we are still awaiting a few cars and the signage is not yet complete, the museum sparkled and guests raved. Over 300 people shared stories and excitement while wandering though the paths of autos and historic Alaskan photos. Old time music -- big band, swing -- played in the background and several people dressed in vintage clothing to add to the historic ambiance. Darryl and the Wedgewood catering staff served an awesome array of appetizers and drinks. In fact, the food was so good, I'm pretty sure there weren't any leftovers.
Over the next couple of weeks, everyone will be hard at work completing the finishing touches in preparation for June 1st -- the official opening!

Pictured above are Barb Cerny, who has been working on the antique clothing collection, and Willy Vinton, museum manager.


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