Saturday, May 30, 2009

What is It?

This seat was dropped of as a donation. I think we were closer than the land fill (he he). It is interesting construction as you can see, with the straw backing under the horse hair. It has metal sides and lower back, arm rests that were upholstered, and set up on springs front and rear. It has a storage area under the bottom of the seat accessed by lifting out the lower cushion.

My opinion: (for what its worth) is that it may have been on a very early truck, or piece of equipment. My thoughts are that a wagon would have had wooden sides, and I don’t recall having seen a buggy with a compartment under the seat. Understand I didn’t grow up with buggies, horses yes, but not buggies, so if you have an idea what it is click on the word comment below and give me your idea’s, because someone out there had to have rode in one of these at one time.


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