Saturday, June 6, 2009

Alice Ramsey Centennial Drive

Hello! Getting ready for the Alice Ramsey Centennial Drive over here on the East Coast.

Alice Ramsey was the first woman to cross the United States in an automobile back in 1909. Just think -- in 1909 it was strange to see a woman in the driver's seat of a car, much less four women driving across the country! Alice was sponsored by the car manufacturer, Maxwell, who throught this a marvelous publicity stunt. Maxwell went out in the 1920's, but more about that later. The 100th anniversary re-creation of this journey will leave New York City on Tuesday, June 9 with hopes to arrive in San Francisco by mid-July. Would you like to learn more about the trip? Follow us!


  1. Cass--You go, girl! It sounds like you have quite an adventure ahead. Represent Alaska and our museum well!

  2. Have fun Cass! Can't wait to see the documentary when it is done!

  3. havent heard anything about any breakdowns? stick your head in there and keep us posted on the problems. i want to see a little grease on your hands before your done.


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