Friday, June 19, 2009

Driver Training

Here is the 1918 Stutz Bulldog Sport Touring out for its excercise and some driver training. Julio Merced and Jerry Mustard got some wheel time in this car, and it was also taken on a "run around" with the local car club. Here you can see Nancyin her period finery being driven by Jerry on the grounds of Wedgewood Resort. They both look rather sporting and fit the car nicely. Tim even got to take time to drive this great car a little, and he is still grinning.



  1. Looks like fun! Why was the top up?

  2. yup top was up, didnt want to get nancy sunburned, you know how delicate she is.

  3. "Delicate??" Ha ha! Willy just doesn't want to sunburn his braincase.


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