Friday, August 21, 2009

The Argonne Roars to Life

Willy fired up one of my favorite cars in the collection today. Our 1920 Argonne Model D Roadster is one of only 24 Argonnes produced, and the only known one remaining.

The first 18 Argonnes built were powered by a 3,710cc 4-cylinder Buda engine, while the last two carried the more powerful 4950cc Rochester-Duesenberg engine. Ours is powered by the latter, and this engine has to be heard to be believed! If you're in Fairbanks over the next three days, you'll want to be at Wedgewood Resort when this baby rumbles around the hotel grounds!

We'll post more photos and information about this car soon (rumor has it that it hit a moose on its first outing, so stay tuned for details...).


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  1. I've just uploaded scans of a couple of ads for the Argonne on my flickr photosite which you may find of interest:


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