Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Elto roars to life

Our 1938 Elto "Southwest Chrome" midget racer roared to life last week! What a treat to hear it running some laps around the Museum parking lot. We felt it was appropriate to push start it with Willy's model A, and as the skid marks all over the parking lot can attest, skinny tires and high compression make for push starting that is more like skid starting. But it fired right up and ran strong. We'll work on posting a short video I took from this test and tune drive.

After getting it dialed in, last sunday, we took it to the race track in North Pole to put some speed on it. Mark Cosson shot some professional video of that event for us and over the winter we'll have that video uploaded to run on a video display kiosk for the midget racer section - inside the Museum.

Derik T. Price

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's Wrong with This Picture?

This is our 1913 Henderson* roadster that we just put in the museum. Folks should come take a look at this rare car and tell us what they think is not "correct" about it. Ask to see our copies of old Henderson advertisements, if you'd like a little help solving this puzzle.

This car is a candidate for restoration, but we want to ensure it is restored to its original specifications. It may be the only 6-cylinder Henderson left in existence. So far we have located three 1913 4-cylinder Hendersons: two in California (an opera coupe and a 5-passenger touring car) and a roadster in Ontario, Canada. If you know of other Hendersons out there, please let me know.

This is a good chance to see a rare car that is ready for restoration, and you will be able to follow this car thru the restoration process on this blog.

* It's very possible that this is actually a 1914 model. Many of the 1914 Hendersons were released to dealers as early as May of 1913, which may explain the mis-dating.