Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's Wrong with This Picture?

This is our 1913 Henderson* roadster that we just put in the museum. Folks should come take a look at this rare car and tell us what they think is not "correct" about it. Ask to see our copies of old Henderson advertisements, if you'd like a little help solving this puzzle.

This car is a candidate for restoration, but we want to ensure it is restored to its original specifications. It may be the only 6-cylinder Henderson left in existence. So far we have located three 1913 4-cylinder Hendersons: two in California (an opera coupe and a 5-passenger touring car) and a roadster in Ontario, Canada. If you know of other Hendersons out there, please let me know.

This is a good chance to see a rare car that is ready for restoration, and you will be able to follow this car thru the restoration process on this blog.

* It's very possible that this is actually a 1914 model. Many of the 1914 Hendersons were released to dealers as early as May of 1913, which may explain the mis-dating.

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