Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dispatch from the Road: Meeting Mr. Wickham

Willy and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting J. Parker Wickham in Mattituk on Long Island today. A number of our museum's most impressive automobiles came from Mr. Wickham, including our Argonne, Heine-Velox, Wills Ste. Claire and Daniels.

When Mr. Wickham was ready to downsize his collection, he set his sights on finding a buyer that would keep his pre-war car collection together and not flip the cars for a profit. Today he told us that he is very happy with his cars' new home, and is impressed with how we display and drive the cars.

It was great to finally meet Mr. Wickham. Listening to him tell the stories behind his cars, seeing his fabulous 1929 Ruxton, and perusing his library was definitely a highlight of this trip. Many thanks to Brian and Christine Williams for their hospitality and for taking us to meet Mr. Wickham.


**Update**  Mr. Wickham passed away on April 22, 2011. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to meet him, and that he entrusted so many of his automobiles to our care.


  1. Great to hear you were able to make it to Long Island and meet with Mr. Wickham.

  2. What a wonderful weekend spending time looking at fantastic old automobiles and people who appreciate them. Thank you for the wonderful presentation that you have given to all of the cars, making them available to the public to appreciate.


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