Thursday, November 5, 2009

1928 Pierce Arrow

The museum is only open on Sundays now but the shop is hopping with activity.

At right is Carolyn Mustard, working on the upholstery of our 1928 Pierce Arrow Series 81. We are doing a complete reupholstering of the car with the correct leather and patterns. You might have noticed that it is missing the engine, transmission as well as the steering. We are doing a freshening of all the mechanical components on this car and will be able to put it back into like new driving condition.

THATS A WHAT???????????? YA SURE??????

Here docents Rick Larrick and Ron Allen are disassembling the engine out of the Pierce. Overall it looks good, with the only major problem we found was one stuck valve and the head gasket leaking, which let coolant down into the valves and a couple cylinders. We will do a valve job on it and clean up the engine bay and  try to make it oil tight??????


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