Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feelin' Sparky Today

Wait a minute...NO ONE TOLD ME I WAS GOING TO HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT SPARK PLUGS when I accepted this job! They are just nowhere near as exciting as a pre-war car. But, Tim and Willy are absolutely giddy over the spark plug collection we've acquired--part of which is now on display in a lovely case made by our very own Pete Peterson.

Apparently there are some very rare and funky plugs in that case. Willy helped me identify most of the them yesterday but these three stumped us. Is there a spark plug expert out there that recognizes any of these? Willy has added some comments. You can click on each photo for an enlarged view.


We can't find any markings on this long reach plug. It is a take apart plug.

No visible markings on this one either.

The last plug has no markings except for the number 3 that you see here.

If I could just get Nancy to experiment with the magneto set up in the shop, I think we could get her fired up about spark plugs......

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  1. Many thanks to Bob Harrington in CT, who already called in identifications for these. We'll post the answers later but want to give others a chance to ID them.


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