Monday, November 23, 2009

Moline-Knight Arrives

Our newest arrival is now out on the museum floor. This 1914 Moline-Knight Model 50 7-passenger touring car is one big beauty. It carries a 4-cylinder Knight sleeve-valve engine with a bore of 4 1/8" and stroke of 6". This high-quality automobile was less expensive than other Knight-engined cars and was the only one to feature thermo-syphon cooling. We know of only 10 other Moline-Knights, two of which are Model 50s.

Particular care was given to the finish of Moline-Knight bodies, which were as smooth as glass and as lustrous as a mirror. Repeated coats of elastic varnish made of pure oils, japans and imported gums were applied. Each coat was given ample time to dry and then rubbed down with the finest sandpaper, curled hair, pumice stone or steel wool before the next coat was applied. As a result, the paint would not crack or flake due to expansion or contraction of the metal.

This is a beautiful car and we'd like to acknowledge Murray Motor Car for doing such a great job with the restoration work. We hope you'll come see our Moline-Knight soon! We're open every Sunday from noon to 6 pm.


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