Thursday, January 28, 2010

1928 Pierce-Arrow Coming Along

We had another great work party on Tuesday with lots of work being done and projects getting finished. In this photo I'm giving the exhaust on the Pierce-Arrow a final fitting. With a fresh engine and running gear, it's beginning to look like a finished project! We still have a few details to complete, but it should be running very soon.

Ron Allen, one of our great pit crew members, puts the final buff and polish on the rumble seat lid. Lots of work went into polishing and cleaning the paint up on this car, as it was spotted and faded out pretty bad, but good polish compound mixed with a lot of sweat made it look a  whole lot better.

Paul Tekin, also on our pit crew, finishes up the detail on rear of car and mounts the license plate.

Thanks guys for all the help! And to think they do this for fun, and a free lunch. :-)

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