Friday, January 15, 2010

Cool Air-Cooled Cars!

While visiting a collector in Tuscon, he recomended that we stop and visit the H.H. Franklin Museum they have there in town. So, after several hours of visiting with the collector and admiring his cars (another story, another time), we decided to go to the museum. It is not listed on the good old GPS (which also failed to locate the address) and is on a dirt road with only a mail box to give away its location. It began as Thomas Hubbard's private collection and was put into a foundation upon his death. It is a great collection of cars of which this 1931 Model 153 town car is one of the nicest cars I saw there.

This town car was H.H. Franklin's official company vehicle. It's a great looking custom-bodied Franklin with a Dietrich body that was very nicely restored.  If you are ever in Tucson and want to see some nice Frankins, take the time to find this museum. Make sure you check their website for days and hours, as their hours are limited.


P.S. When we left there the next morning we found our car covered in frost and ice and snow on the country side. ""ITS SUPPOSED TO BE WARM,"" was Wilma's comment......

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