Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Day with Jay Leno

January 2nd found us visiting with Jay Leno at his Big Dog Garage in LA. We looked at all his cars and motorcycles, he started up an early Autocar truck and had George, one of his mechanics finish tuning it and had it running at 76 RPM.  Here we are talking about his 30 HP White Steamer, discussing the merits of putting in a new gas tank and what he used for it. Allan and Beth Schmidt joined us and made it a very fun trip from their place in Escondido to LA, and we met with his brother Arnold who runs his own restoration business in Valencia just north of LA. He is working on some very interesting cars in his shop including a couple early Lincolns. He is into steam cars, and specializes in Doble Steamers, and may be a candidate to come to Alaska to help with the steam cars we have. Jay was very entertaining and a pleasure to talk to, very willing to share any information we need for our collection.   Thanks Jay for your time.                                                                Willy, Wilma, Allan and Beth

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  1. Hey, how come Jay isn't wearing a Fountainhead Museum hat? Guess he needs to come to Fairbanks to get one. Sounds like you and Wilma had a great time!


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