Monday, February 8, 2010

Moving the Sheldon Car

Here's another project coming together at the museum. This is the custom crate that we built to move a very special car from the UA Museum of the North to the Fountainhead Museum. Their museum is generously loaning us the 1905 Sheldon car, which was the very first car to ever appear in Alaska. Built by Bobby Sheldon, the car has a great history and we are delighted to be able to partner with the Museum of the North on its display.

The crate is constructed so that the axles will rest on the upright supports and the wheels will not reach the ground. The car is rather fragile at this point and we do not want to damage it in any way. Lynden Transport will be bringing a heated truck to haul the car so that it is not shocked with temperature or humidity changes during the move.  This is very important when handling 100+ year-old cars that are all-original.

The car will be secured down to the crate with straps around the axles to prevent it from moving, and then the crate will be secured in the truck. With all the help from the docents and UAM staff this should be a very smooth operation.

Keep watching for updates on the progress.


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