Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow Flyer on the Fly

Well we finally got time to get the 1917 Ford Model T Snow Flyer out for its maiden run, and it was a nice warm day but lacking a little snow. We did get to run it around the parking lot and the snow storage area and gave a couple of rides to folks that were here.

Thanks to the crew for all their work and allowing me the opportunity to educate them on clincher wheels and tires. On Tuesday we had three docents come in for the project, Rick Larrick, Paul Tekin, and Will Chase. We put new tires on the new wheels we had made, and then put them on the Flyer, adjusted up the tracks and made it ready for operation.

The test run went well, except that the battery power to the coil box failed and it quit on us, causing us to fire it up on the mag, which runs very well. We continued to play around with it, and now it's ready for the annual Tired Iron Rally, soon as we fix the electrical issue.  Great job guys!


2/23/10 update: Check out this video of the Snow Flyer on YouTube:


  1. That looks like a really fun ride. I predict it won't take you guys very long to get it very stuck.

  2. Will they let you enter the "Jurassic Classic" class in the Tired Iron Race this weekend?

  3. thankfully we dont have much deep snow and we are a little timid about where we take it, so with luck we wont get stuck. lol. we wont try to enter it in the competition, as it does not steer very well on hard pack, and i dont want to tear up the track or run over another machine, we will have it running and on display and should be fun. pray for thick ice. lol


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