Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chickasha Swap Meet

If you're looking for hard-to find antique car parts, the annual Chickasha Swamp Meet in Oklahoma is the place to be in March. As you can see by this photo, folks bring trailer loads of parts that you can spend hours sifting through to find that one item that has been eluding you. You don't want to miss looking at any of them, because down under all of that may just be the one part you need.

This is looking down one row next to the main building. Some vendors lay out all of their items on tables and on the ground, while others leave them all in their trailer for you to be able to fish for the treasures.

I did find a few items and met with a lot of folks in the hobby of old cars from all ages. The weather was great for the first 2 days, then the storm hit and I spent over 3 hours sitting on the tarmack waiting for the plane to be de-iced, but that's another story for another time.


P.S. I'll be at the Bakersfield Swamp Meet in April looking for more treasures.

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