Friday, March 26, 2010

The "Creamer's Car"

On March 23 we moved the 1910 Chalmers-Detroit model K into the shop to start some of the repair work that is needed on the car. It had a couple serious oil leak issues that we need to repair, as well as lot of smoke when it runs. Here is the engine as we begin removing it.

Part of our Tuesday volunteer day includes coffee and sometimes doughnuts, and as you can see, work never gets in the way of food. Here Paul Tekin, (eating doughnut), Jeff Creamer (center), and Rick Larrick ready the engine for removal from the car.

Here we have the engine out and on the table, tranmission removed and ready to begin inspection and disassembly. On the left is a newcomer to our group, Johnie Newman (retired school teacher learned to wear his hat from his students), Rick Larrick (center) and myself. We found most of the problems with this engine and will cover it in a later blog along with the repair methods used.


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