Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Premier Automobile Arrives

by Nancy DeWitt

Our 1912 Premier Model 6-60 roadster arrived on Sunday, and what a beauty she is! In this photo you'll note that the headlights have been removed for shipping. When transporting these cars to Alaska, it's important that accessories such as lamps, mirrors, and the spare tire and horn be removed, bubble-wrapped and boxed. Otherwise, these might bounce off and be damaged. The boxes cannot be placed loose inside the car, as these could shift and damage the vehicle. Thanks to BATS Motorsports, the Premier arrived in good shape.

After polishing the brass, Willy and Tim took the Premier out for a spin. Tim says "It's the most refined and smoothest Brass Era automobile I have ever driven. It almost feels like it has power steering. In fact, I was able to steer it with one hand." Willy seconded Tim's comments and added that the Premier runs very well and is easy to operate. Both noted that the car has tremendous torque and accelerates easily. Its rare combination of outstanding performance and refinement prompted it's previous owner to declare, "It's got a lot of go, and almost no whoa!"

We recently acquired this Premier from the the Nethercutt Museum. It is one of the largest Brass Era roadsters ever built and quite possibly the last 6-cylinder Premier in existence. It has a 140" wheelbase and a 60-HP engine that displaces 501 cu. in. If you visit the museum, be sure to check out the unique and complex air starter under this Premier's hood.

Note that we have switched to our winter hours and are now open Sundays from noon-6 pm.

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