Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hershey Swap Meet 2010

by Willy Vinton

Well, after missing a connection on my flight in good od Detroit and having to spend the night, I finally made it to Hershey, PA.  This guy is one of the first things that grabbed my attention -- he is holding a picture of a very nice early Packard, and he's pushing the start of its restoration in that cart. You just never know what you are going to see here! The weather was great all the time I was there, having missed the first rainy day due to Delta's missed connection.

This was a neat contraption: a 1974 Fascination Car that can spin around in its own length. Some people just have too much time (and fun).

This is a 1916 Woods Mobilette, a later version of the 1914 Mobilette in our museum. It has offset seating and is a little wider than ours. It is in the AACA museum, and was very interesting to look at and compare to ours. Below is a picture of the sign they had for the car (you can click on the image for a larger view). 

I did find a few items we were looking for, and saw lots of stuff we really didn't need. For the most part the trip was rather uneventful -- until I hit a skunk while returning the rental car at 4 AM Sunday morning. Boy, that brought back memories! Really glad we don't have skunks up here in Alaska (at least 4 legged ones).

More later!

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