Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mack and new blog format

by Derik Price

Well this last week saw a number of changes to our image.  You've no doubt noticed the blog looks different.  I've redone it to compliment the new Museum Website!

We also received a new addition to our collection.  It's a 1915 Mack Dump Truck.  It is completely original and will be an 'outside display' piece.  The cab, hood and various parts have been removed for transport. In fact, I towed it from our yard into the storage building and Nancy 'volunteered' to drive it.

And she did complain somewhat at the start - Hey, it doesn't have a steering wheel, and where's the seat, it's just an ice cold fuel tank to sit on. Pfffft, trifles.  :-)

Thanks once again to Lynden for bringing this one up.  We docked the trailer at one of our warehouses and the dump boom was just a hair too tall to fit in the door.  So Lynden took it back to their yard and offloaded for us.  Big Thanks!

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