Sunday, December 26, 2010

Did Santa's Sleigh Break Down???

by Willy Vinton

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Santa's old reliable sled broke down on Christmas eve?

Well,  rumor has it that Santa may have borrowed one of our faster cars to finish his route. We cannot document this, because some of our cars have no odometers, and nothing seems to be disturbed. We did, however, find a lot of dust on the Offy midget, and this image recorded on our security system.

When we dusted and cleaned the car off, we also found this pair of goggles that someone left behind. There is even a little bit of red lint left on the seat, but we cannot say for sure what happened. We have not located our Albany cutter sleigh yet either, so keep your eyes open for it.  For now, I think we will just keep these goggles on the helmet to see if anyone comes in claiming them.

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