Monday, February 28, 2011

Auburn in the Shop

by Willy Vinton

Well, the time arrived for the 1933 Auburn to come into the shop for a checkup. Like all the projects that start off rather simple, the Auburn was rather lethargic and required more work than anticipated. Upon close examination we determined that the problem would require some minor surgery, as the heat gates in the manifolds were seized up and would not close to put heat to the intake.

Charlie removed the manifolds and cleaned them up and got both gates freed up so that they operated like new, and made repairs to the fuel pump,
and both carbs got cleaned and adjusted. At right is the intake and exhaust manifolds after getting cleaned up and ready to reinstall on the 45 degree V12 .

This is one of the heat gates that was seized up.

The speedster is now up and running like it should, and we are just waiting for warm weather so we can get it out on the road.  When Dennis Gage came up and filmed a show on the museum last summer, we pushed four cars out to drive. Lo and behold, the Auburn was the only one that did not want to run. We found fuel pump issues that caused that problem and made all the repairs, so now if Dennis wants to come up again he will be able to see how well this beautiful car runs.

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