Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Update: Off to the Designer!

by Nancy DeWitt

The materials for our upcoming book are now on their way to Seattle! Since we opened in 2009, many of our visitors have requested that we produce a book featuring our cars. This ambitious project finally got rolling last December with several sessions held to photograph cars, car parts, vintage clothing and the museum's interior. At right is our manager, Willy Vinton, and docent Michael Lecorchick lifting the hood off the 1914 Woods Mobilette.

Many thanks to the all the volunteers who helped us shuffle cars, open hoods and move ropes, signs and stanchions. Ronn Murray, a Fairbanks-based photographer and classic car fan, took the majority of photos for the book. He did a fabulous job and was even brave enough to get on the lift for some shots (that's our 1921 Daniels on the right and the 1911 Oakland on the left).

John Katz, our book's editor and an automotive historian, author and former editor for Automobile Quarterly, traveled to Fairbanks during some of our harshest winter weather to examine the cars, do some fact-checking and help me with additional research. Thanks John! Your help and encouragement were very appreciated. Sorry I made you work next to that Auburn boattail speedster, though...
This soft-cover book will feature 42 of our cars and a number of our vintage fashions and historical photos. It's taken a lot of work to pull it all together, so I was pretty happy to package up all the materials and ship them off to Epicenter Press this morning. Many thanks to everyone who helped with this project! Hopefully we'll have the books in hand by July 1. Please let us know if you'd like to be contacted when they arrive.


  1. Fantastic! Glad it's off the the printer! Great Job on all the prep work! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

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