Friday, March 4, 2011

Ice Road Truckers Meet the Snow Flyer

The 2011 Tired Iron vintage snowmobile rally has come and gone, and it was a blast. We moved our 1917 Model T Snow Flyer into the shop last week to get it ready to participate in the rally's festivities on the frozen Chena River last weekend.  The temp was in the -5 F range--not too bad when the sun was shining, but when a little breeze showed up it got rather cold.

We got a nice surprise when Maya Sieber and Dave Redmon, stars of the History Channel's "Ice Road Truckers" and "IRT's Deadliest Roads" and their film crew stopped by for a visit. We introduced them to our original "ice road truck" and gave them a ride.  I think their recent adventures in India made them forget what cold is, as they did lack a little in the warm clothing department. The cold ride no doubt gave them a taste of what the old timers dealt with on the roads of the day. You can see the video here.


  1. I love that model T Snow Flyer!! Also love all them cars in that museum. It's a very nice collection. I have a very rare MCI MC-6 bus number 6 of 100. I only wish the buses were as collectable as those cars. We will be back in Fairbanks this summer to look at them cars again.

  2. Hello, would like to let you know that that is not Lisa Kelly with Dave Redmon in the photo with your 1917 Model T Snow Flyer. It is Maya Sieber.

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