Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Buckmobile: Our Latest Acquisition

 by Willy Vinton

Here is a 1904 Buckmobile that was built in Utica, New York. So far my research shows this is the only true survivor. We will continue to research this, as rumor has it that there may still be another one or two Buckmobiles in existence.

This Buckmobile is going to be a great addition to the Fountainhead Collection. It's very fast and powerful for such an early, 2-cylinder automobile, producing 15 horsepower with an enclosed planetary transmission. This car is fast enough to scare you if you were to let it run as fast as it could go. Going ~35 mph in a car of this type and size gets your attention real fast!

The car is very original, including the leather seat, aluminum fenders,  even 3 of the 4 wooden planks on the suspension, and all the wood you see.  A big thanks to Joe and Leanne Whitney of Arizona for preserving this great car, and giving us the opportunity to have it in our museum. We hope they get a chance to come to Fairbanks and visit it sometime.

Also, many thanks to everyone who did some research to try and answer our quiz in the previous post. If you ever see a picture of a Buckmobile's unique suspension again you will know what it is. 

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  1. Some of the cars you guys come up with are just amazing. I have got to get back up there and look at the new cars. This has got to be one of the best auto museums I've been to.


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