Friday, June 17, 2011

1908 Cadillac in the Shop

by Willy Vinton

This is our 1908 Model G Cadillac. Its importance is that 1908 was the last year for Cadillac before they became part of General Motors. The changes between the 1908 Model G and the 1909 Model 30 are rather dramatic in style, and you can see them side by side in the Brass Era section of our museum.

We recently brought the 1908 Caddy into the shop to prep it for some excercise. Like a lot of our cars, it needed a few things done before it was ready to go. One of the things that needed attention was the oiler, which we took apart and repaired to make sure that the engine was getting the proper oil to it. We are still fussing a little with the water pump drive, but it is getting closer to being like it should. The car drives and runs well now. It starts with just turning on the battery switch, so there's no need to do much cranking (Charlie likes that). It is once again running like a Caddy should.

Until Cadillac went to the V8 block, the engines had copper water jackets. Very nice-looking engines for very beautiful cars!

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