Monday, June 27, 2011

Model A's Visit Fairbanks

by Willy Vinton

This past Saturday found me rather busy, with the local car club group photo shoot, then a trip to North Pole to take Dave Austin to sit on Santa's lap (that's another story). While there my cell phone rang, and believe it or not, someone was looking for old car parts. These two gentlemen had followed Rod and Birgit Benson, who were coming back from North Pole in their Ford Model A, and stopped them to visit.

Jack Sanborn, the gentleman on the right with the '28 tudor sedan, asked Rod if he had any idea where he might find a head for George's '31 coupe. Rod replied, "You are in luck. I just happen to know someone who will have one." Hence the phone call to me. I met the guys here at the museum shop and they described their problem. We then took a ride to my home garage and gathered up a head that was bead blasted and milled and ready to go. Rod came by with a gasket set and they were set to go.

Jack is from St Albanes, Maine, and George Staples (left) is from Seabrook, New Hampshire. George purchased his coupe when he turned 80. At age 83, that makes him older than the car he drove all the way from the east coast to Alaska. We wish them a great trip and a safe one wherever they may roam.

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