Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Stutz Gourmet: Lost in Translation

by Nancy DeWitt

Bill Murray in a scene from the 2003 film Lost in Translation
 While doing some research on the Stutz marque recently, I came across two advertisements for a 1923 Stutz Speedway Four. The first was the original ad, while the second appeared to be a mutation of the original. My guess it that the advertisement was translated into a foreign language and then converted back into English using an Internet translation services. If you have ever used one of these on-line translators, you can guess what's coming next. Here are just some of the "after" phrases that tickled my funny bone:

Stutz, one of the great names in automotive history...
Stutz, a single of a good name in automotive story...

362 cubic inch displacement inline 4-cylinder engine and a 3-speed manual transmission
362 cubic inch banishment inline 4 cylinder engine as good as a 3-speed primer smoothness

...this massive, 4 cylinder touring car.
...this massive, 4 cylinder furloughed car.

This extremely rare car is in original condition throughout.
This intensely singular automobile is in strange condition throughout.

This car resided in the legendary A.K. Miller collection...
This automobile resided in a mythological A.K. Miller pick up...

The car was then passed to a Stutz collector...
The automobile afterwards was upheld to a Stutz gourmet...

...even more powerful than a Duesenberg!
...even some-more absolute than a Duesenberg!

The detachable head 4 is a rugged and reliable motor...
The detachable conduct 4 is a imperishable as good as arguable engine...

These cars are great driving cars.
These cars have been good pushing cars.

So, buyer beware--especially all you Stutz gourmets out there. You might not want to pay good money for a car that's been furloughed.

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