Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hershey Swap Meet 2011

by Willy Vinton

After a long plane ride and a short drive from Harrisburg to Hershey, I started  searching for treasures. The first thing that caught my eye was this really nice Brewster, not that we need one, but they are nice to look at.  The weather was great, lots of sunshine and in the 60s to 70s all the time we were there.
Need a fender for a Model A?? Or a body for one? There was nor shortage of Model A and T parts this year. It seemed to me that attendance was down from previous years, but some of the vendors said that they sold about the same amount of items. I think because the folks that come to this are hard core collectors and restorers that would be there rain or shine or flood.
This is a set of lights that were on display at Rick Britton's booth. Boy were they nice! I told him I wanted them, but he said they were spoken for already, and that was the first morning. The really good stuff goes fast. Come to find out, Allen Schmidt--one of our restorers--spoke for them, so we are on the list for the next set he does, which should be in the near future.
Friday I walked the car corral, and like most years there was lots to look at from early cars to late models. This one however just jumps right out at you and screams, "Take me home!" As you can tell by the people around it, the windshield is just over 6 foot high, it has 900X20 tires on it, and a monster Seagraves engine in it. I could almost see it sitting beside our midget racers, but I restrained myself, as it would just be way too much noise in the back parking lot. After 3 and 1/2 days of hard walking, 2 nights of auctions, then a 4am wake-up, I was off on my trip's next leg to Long Island, NY. That's another story, as it is 4 am Wednesday morning and my alarm will be going off in 30 minutes. Have to pack and head out to the airport, then home.

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