Thursday, December 1, 2011

In the Shop: Mercury-bodied Model T Speedster

by Willy Vinton

Just out of high school? Need a sports car? Can't afford a Stutz or Mercer? Back in the 1920s the answer was to go out and find a Model T Ford, strip the body off, hop up the engine and purchace a Mercury Speedster Kit. The cost of the kit ran about $185 and would make a sporty little ride like the one in our museum. We finally had time this week to attach its step plates, so that was Tuesday's workshop project (along with a few others).

This is the finished product. As you can see, the steps help complete the car (ignore the skinny guy in the driver's seat). This speedster is a fun little car to cruise around town in, (warm days only).
The engine is a Model T Ford built in 1923, equiped with a Rajo overhead conversion, upgraded ignition system, and a few other custom tricks. A stock transmission, built with a up graded high speed clutch, delivers the power to the rear diff, which is stock T.

Thanks to the crew for their help with this project. Ron Allen, Rod Benson, Paul Tekin, and Mike Lecorchick.

You can see a video of this speedster here.

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  1. Beatifull Mercury speedster. Could you provide me THE color code of THE magnificant yellow. Thanks.


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