Friday, January 6, 2012

Blast from the Past: Museum Construction

by Nancy DeWitt

There isn't any news from our shop this week, so I've decided to take you back in time instead. It's hard to believe we broke ground for the museum only a few years ago. Here's a picture of the concrete work taken in August of 2008.

With summer nearing an end, our construction crew worked hard that September to get the building framed and enclosed before the cold temperatures hit.

As you can see, snow had fallen before we completed that goal.

Once enclosed, it was a busy winter for the construction crew and contractors as they worked on wiring, piping, venting, painting, flooring, etc. The rest of us were busy writing up signs and exhibit panels, ordering supplies, tuning up the automobiles and marketing this new attraction.

By the following spring, we were finally ready to start moving the cars out of storage and into the museum. Here the 1903 Toledo makes her entrance after being hauled across town. Several of the automobiles made it there under their own power.

As planned, we were ready for our June 1, 2009 opening. It had taken a village to get to that point, but the results were well worth the effort!

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