Monday, June 18, 2012

1933 Hupmobile: A Fish Story

by Ethan Lundy

This 1933 Huppmobile Victoria coupe is one of our "newer" cars here at Fountainhead Antique Automotive Museum. This gorgeous car is quite spectacular and has an interesting paint history. Hupmobiles of this era were among the first with metallic paints. In the 1930s the metallic sparkle was achieved by adding fish scales to the paint. Apparently, fish scales prevented the newly sprayed paint from running. Our Hupp was more recently painted with modern metallic flake

I was excited to have the opportunity to work on this car. Its new running boards were recently refinished, and we had to make rubber spacers to put between the end pieces and fenders.

The sloped roof, new running boards, stylish fenders and suicide doors really give this car an old-time "Gangster" look that I find appealing. We hope you can come see this beautiful car on display.

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