Monday, June 4, 2012

New Intern on the Crew

Welcome Ethan Lundy to the museum crew. Ethan is a 3rd year student at the McPherson Auto Restoration College in McPherson Kansas, and has come to Fairbanks to intern with us for the summer. Today marks his one week here with us, and we have let him get his hands dirty already. Now we will let Ethan put his comments in and his impression of what is happening up here in the north.

Willy and his crew of old friends and volunteers at the shop are even greater then what I expected coming to Fairbanks. The endless amount of knowledge I am constantly trying to pick from their brain is overwhelming and quite the task! I am still trying to take in all of the experiences I have already had here at The Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum. I have had the opportunity to ride in the 1928 Pierce-Arrow as well as the 1909 IHC. The Pierce drove like she was right out of 1928, brand new and ran like a top. The 1909 International was everything you would expect from a "high wheeler," bumpy and stiff but also quite the experience. I got my hands dirty and got to change the side engine cover on the Pierce, I thought this to be a readily easy task but, when it came to polishing time, I needed a few guidance tips along the way. The New-Old stock engine cover, being brass, gives the Pierce a whole new look, as much character as she had, she smiles a little brighter now. The staff and employees here at the Museum are all also very kind, and all are always smiling and ready to help. This was only the first week, its going to be a summer of learning and fun here in Alaska!

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