Monday, September 17, 2012

Kirkland Concours d'Elegance

by Willy Vinton

Wow, what a weekend we had in Tacoma, Washington at the Kirkland Concours d'Elegance! For Alaskans, the weather on Friday and Saturday was really too warm for comfort, with temperatures over 80 with not a cloud in the sky. We had to wonder if we were truly were in Washington state. Sunday (the day of the show) brought the type of weather we relate to the Seattle area, with overcast skies and a hint of rain in the air.

A big thanks to Barb Cerny, our historic fashion curator, for being such a good sport and dressing the part. She helped the 1918 Biddle Model H Town Car win the Best Presentation award. The Biddle is a stunning car that will be a great addition to the museum when it arrives here.  (Speaking of "additions" Tim... hint hint...)

Here is the trophy we received for "Barb and the Biddle." Maybe we can make a song about that? It was a thrill to win this award, and it was well deserved if I do say so myself. The folks at the Kirkland Concours were all great and very friendly, making it a good show to be a part of.  Thank you to our class host, Jim Tate, for taking care of us and making sure we were where we needed to be at all times.
Once again our 1919 McFarlan Touring took top honors in the Antiques Class. If you've been following our blog or Facebook page,  you know the McFarlan also won Best in Class at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance last month. This is a stunning car, and it always attracts a crowd of admirers. Both the Biddle and McFarlan have such a presence that you cannot walk past them without stopping to admire the beauty of their designs and the quality of the restorations.

This is the First in Class trophy that we received for the McFarlan, which we will put on display when the car arrives in Fairbanks.

Many thanks to Murray Motor Car for helping us get the cars ready and transporting them to Tacoma. Here's wishing Bats MotorSports a safe trip up the Alaska Highway to bring these two jewels to us. Let's hope we can take them out for a drive around town before the snow flies.

Top photo courtesy of Kent Ramsey

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  1. Hey!!!! Great Job Fountainhead Family. I am so proud of what you have done to enrich my "old home town"!

    I will have to take another tour of the museum when I come up to see my mom next spring!

    All my very best.

    Sheldon Fuller
    Cape Coral, FL



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