Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo Shoot with Michael Craft

by Nancy DeWitt
© Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

Earlier this month we were the lucky beneficiaries of a professional photo shoot with Michael Craft Photography of Seattle. Michael is the official photographer for the LeMay Museum and donated a photo session to a fundraising auction held at the Kirkland Concours d'Elegance last fall. Fountainhead Museum owner Tim Cerny was the winning bidder and flew Michael (far right, next to museum manager Willy Vinton) to Fairbanks.

Although the session was for an 8-hour shoot, Michael generously gave us three days of his time (we did let him off to enjoy the World Ice Art Championships and the University of Alaska Museum, though). He photographed several individual cars and their features, spending two hours alone on our McFarlan's lovely motometer. We also took several cars outside for shots, and put Michael up on the lift to take some overhead panoramas of the museum.

Even Willy got into the action, as you can see at right.

We couldn't have pulled off the shoot without the wonderful volunteer help provided by Rod Benson and Michael Lecorchick. Thanks, guys!

The ladies from our Historic Fashion department were also kept busy, moving and arranging dresses for the photographs. Barb Cerny and Abigail Cucolo have done a fantastic job of putting several of our newest acquisitions on display. Do stop by to see them!

We can't wait to see Michael's photos of this spectacular 1910s gown.

Willy thought it looked like Barb and Abbie were worshiping the dress in the above photo. Never one to be outdone, he and the guys demonstrated equal reverence for the museum's 1933 Auburn speedster.

We'll be sure to share some of Michael's photos once we receive them.

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