Monday, May 19, 2014

On the Road: Juneau Dipsticks Car Show

by Nancy DeWitt
© Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

I traveled to Juneau, Alaska, a few weekends ago for a meeting and some sight seeing. I can't really say I was "on the road" since Juneau can only be reached by air or boat. Our capitol city, however, does have about 191 miles of roads (if you count all the side streets), with the longest stretch covering 41 miles "out the road" to Echo Cove. Not surprisingly, there is an active car club in Juneau, and I just happened to be there during the Dipsticks' annual auto and cycle show.

The club welcomes members with both old and new cars (or no car at all). There was a nice variety of cars at the show, but alas, no teens or 20s vehicles. The oldest automobile I saw was a 1939 Packard Super Eight, shown to the right of the blue 1946 Packard limo in this photo. Both are gorgeous cars.

There were lots of Chevrolets to be admired, including a '57 Belair, '53 pickup, and an orange '49 in the parking lot...

...along with a few Cameros, a Chevelle, and at least one Corvette.

Of course, there were some Fords and hot rods too.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the two MGAs, the Indian motorcycle, and "F-Rod," a modified 1950 Ford F-1 pickup.

It was great to see such enthusiasm for collectible cars in this southeast Alaska city. The show was well done and my only complaint is that no one I talked to had ever heard of the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum. Too bad I didn't have some brochures with me, and that I couldn't convince the few owners I spoke with to load their cars onto the ferry and then drive several hundred miles to Fairbanks for the Midnight Sun Cruise-In next month.

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