Monday, May 5, 2014

Prepping for Summer

by Nancy DeWitt
© Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

It's been a busy week at the museum. We started moving vehicles into and around the Alaska Gallery to prepare for the opening of our "Extreme Motoring" exhibit. We couldn't find the key for the 1911 Ford Model T depot hack, so it didn't travel far.

Of course, since we had to temporarily move a few vehicles outside while we shuffled cars, it only made sense to fire them up and go for a drive. Willy and the pit crew attracted some curious looks when they drove the IHC auto buggy and Moline-Knight to the Bakery for lunch.

While the guys were playing with cars, Carolyn Mustard continued to install new photographs for the Extreme Motoring exhibit. This has involved shuffling a lot of the existing photographs around the museum--not an easy task.

The pit crew continued to make progress on the Bobby Sheldon replica race car. Looks like the frame is coming along nicely.

Willy got the 1929 Ford Model A coupe moved out of storage and into the garage at the Fountainhead Development corporate office, where it serves as a company car for staff during the summer. He also pulled the 1923 Mercury-bodied Model T speedsteer out of the barn and moved it back over to the museum for the summer.

Finally, the winter covers came off the Duplex truck and Advance steam traction engine outside. We saw our first motor home in the Wedgewood Resort parking, so you know that the summer season is about to hit!

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